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Equalizer Garden Tractor Pulling

  1. No reworking or modifying fuel pump or injections.
  2. No parting or polishing.
  3. No altering or regrinding cam.
  4. No advancement of timing cam or fuel pump cam.
  5. No heavy valve springs.
  6. No water injection.
  7. No intercooler.
  8. No electric water pump.
  9. Allowed billet steel flywheel.
  10. Allowed heavy governor spring (working governor).
  11. Allowed to remove shims under fuel pump.
  12. Allowed one turbo.
  13. 70 cubic inch max engine.
  14. Must have a guillotine air intake shutoff.
  15. Electric fuel pump disconnect at kill switch.
  16. No copper head gasket.
  17. All other general rules apply.