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Equalizer Garden Tractor Pulling


For anyone who hasn't pulled with us before, this page is for you.  You can look here for directions.  You can also email us for directions to a pull. 


 {All directions are from New Stanton, unless noted.}

Dawson Grange:
498 State Route 1002, Dawson, PA 15428

          Take route 119 South to Mount Pleasant/Scottdale exit.  Turn right towards Scottdale (Route 819 South).  From the exit, travel 7.8 miles.  While you are traveling, you will pass a Sunoco gas station on the right; bear left across the railroad tracks.  At the stoplight near Sheetz, continue straight.  Once you are out of town, you'll pass a cemetery on the right, bear left at the sharp corner.  You'll then see the Groomes' Bus Garage on the left, bear right across the bridge.  As you continue traveling, there will be another curve near a farm (white farmhouse on the right), bear left.  When you come to a "T," you'll see Fairview Farms at Banning Road in front of you.  Turn right onto Banning Road and travel 1.8 miles.  While on this road, which can be narrow at times, there is a sharp curve near Brownfield Community Center, bear left.  **For the meeting, go to the stop sign and turn right.  Just before the church, you'll see a parking lot.  Turn right into the parking lot.  **For the fair, you'll park in the grassy field (on the right) that you passed before the stop sign.

Fort Allen, Scottdale:
911 Porter Avenue, Scottdale, PA 15683

          Take route 119 South to Mount Pleasant/Scottdale exit.  Turn right towards Scottdale (Route 819 South).  You'll follow Route 819 until you see the 2 story brick houses.  You'll see a road that bears off to the right between the buildings labeled "Gate B."  You want to take that road and come to the stop sign.  Turn right up the hill and follow that until you see the entrance gate on the left.

Sewickley Grange:
1010 Greensburg Pike, West Newton, PA 15089

          Follow Route 70 to the Mount Pleasant/West Newton exit.  Exit Route 70 at the West Newton exit.  (From New Stanton it is the first exit; from Washington it is the second exit.)  Once you exit Route 70, take Route 31 west.  You'll follow Route 31 until you see a three-way intersection with Route 136.  Turn right onto Route 136.  You'll follow this road until you see the Grange on your left.  It is a white building at the top of a steep hill.  Parking can be difficult here.  The track is at the bottom of the hill.  Parking can be at the top of the hill, or just past the building on the left into the field.  There are usually people here directing parking traffic.  

Fayette County Fairgrounds:
132 Pechin Road, Dunbar, PA 15431

          Take Route 119 South.  You'll travel through Connellsville and head towards Uniontown.  The fairgrounds will be on the left after passing Ye Olde Inn and Speedy Meedy's on the right.  It can be difficult to cross traffic just after the old gas station turned fruit market.  You can enter the fairgrounds here, or go down to the stop light and turn left onto Pechin Road.  After traveling past the main gate on the left and Dunbar Borough Elementary School on the right, you can turn onto one of the driveways and drive around the horse show ring and enter the arena from the back. 


          Take Route 119 North to Delmont.  (Route 119 Changes to Route 66.)  There is a tollbooth between New Stanton and Delmont on Route 66.)  Once you get to Delmont, take Route 22 East towards Blairsville.  Travel .7 mile and turn left onto Rock Springs Road.  (You will need to cross traffic-be careful.)  *The roads from this point are windy.*  While on Rock Springs Road, travel to a stop sign.  Turn left onto East Pittsburgh Street.  Follow the road until you see Shield's Farm and turn left.

    Equalizer Garden Tractor Pulling