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Equalizer Garden Tractor Pulling

Welcome to the Official Equalizer Garden Tractor Pulling Website!!

This is a website dedicated to our sport of garden tractor pulling.  We tractor pull in Westmoreland and Fayette  Counties in southwest Pennsylvania from May through October.  Thank you to those who made last season a great one.  We want to welcome any new pullers who will be joining us on the upcoming season.  There is a great deal of information on our site!

We are pulling at the

Delmont Apple Festival

Sunday, October 8

Sign in at 10:00 AM,

Pull begins at 11:00AM

Hope to see you there!


Anyone unsure of your motor, you can come  early to the pull  with the head off and cam cover and we will inspect it before you pull... all motors will  be checked throughout the season.

Please keep checking the rules and schedule pages for any updates.

**Attention tractor pullers: New Insurance Regulations reguires  that ALL pullers, no matter the class, are to wear a helmet--NO EXCEPTIONS.  Any helmet can be worn, as long as it is DOT approved.**

The new rules for the 2017 season have been posted.....please make sure that you are up-to-date with our information.

New Rules for 2016:
1. A fire suit is required for any puller in the small tire hot stock, large tire hot stock, and diesel classes.
2. All kill switches will be checked upon weigh in.  If the kill switch does not work, you will not be allowed to pull until it is fixed.

3. No oxygenated fuel in any class.  See Dan if you have questions.

4. Diesel rules have changed.  Be sure to check the rules page for the updated and most current information.

  Recently added to our directions page are approximate address locations for all of the pulls.  This may be especially helpful for anyone who is new with us, or have been with us for a while and not attended one of the pulls at a particular location.

Some information to pass along from the 2015 meeting:
*Large Tire Hot Stock tractors can have a recast block.
*Points for this year will be recorded for the driver.
*If any pulls are added to the schedule, at any point, that pull will not be for points.
*It is recommended that all diesel tractors have an emergency air shut off.

**Email makes communication easier these days.  Emails are sent in case of cancellation or schedule changes, etc.  If we do not have your email address, or the email that we have is no longer correct, please let us know.  Thanks!

Check out the classified ads page, if you haven't lately.  During the off-season, we still continue to post (and change) ads.  If you're looking for something to help you get ready for this year, our classifieds are the place to find it.

    Equalizer Garden Tractor Pulling